Timeline of History

Approximate Timeline of Hebrew Events


20th – 16th centuries  B.C.                

Migratory processes connected to the Patriarchs of Israel (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)

14th – 13th centuries  B.C.             

 Exodus from Egypt

12th century  B.C.                             

Israelites conquer Canaan

967 B.C.                                               

Death of King David       

967 – 928 B.C.                   

Kingdom of Solomon

950 B.C.                                               

First Temple is completed

928 B.C.                                               

Israel is divided into Northern and Southern kingdoms

722 B.C.                                               

Assyrians conquer Northern Kingdom. Ten Tribes taken into captivity

597 B.C.                                               

Babylonians capture Jerusalem, beginning of Babylonian Exile

586 B.C.                                               

Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and the First Temple

538 B.C.                                               

Cyrus Declaration

516 B.C.                                               

Second Temple consecrated

458 B.C.                                               

Ezra arrives in Jerusalem

445 B.C.                                               

Nehemiah arrives in Jerusalem

c 410 B.C.                                            

Jewish temple at Elephantine, Egypt is destroyed

332 B.C.                                               

Alexander  the Great conquers Judea

301-200 B.C.                                      

Judea ruled by Ptolemaic, Hellenistic empire

200 B.C.                                               

Judea comes under Seleucid, Hellenistic  rule

167 B. C.                                              

Outbreak of Hasmonean Uprising; led by Judah Maccabee after death of Mattathias

164 B.C.                                               

Judah Maccabee retakes Jerusalem, Temple reconsecrated

160-142 B.C.                                      

Jonathan leads Hasmonean uprising. Jewish sects first appear in  Judea.                                                               

141 – 63 B.C.                                      

Hasmoneans rule independent Jewish state and kingdom

63 B.C.                                                 

Roman army captures Judea

37 – 4 B.C.                                          

Kingdom of Herod the Great

7  B.C. – 4 B.C.                                   

Birth of Jesus the Christ (Herod dies – 4 B.C.

A.D. 66-70                                          

Jewish uprising against Rome

A.D. 70                                                 

Fall of Jerusalem. Second temple destroyed

A.D. 73-74                                          

Fall of Masada

A.D. 132-135                                      

Bar Kokhba Uprising

A.D. c375-400                                    

Jerusalem Talmud is completed

A.D. 500-600                                      

Babylonian Talmud is completed

A.D. 1947                                            

First discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls discovered at Qumran.

 Credit to Prof. I.M. Gafni  for most of list, with some omissions and addition of name and birth year of Jesus, through The Teaching Company:  “Beginnings of Judaism” .


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