Sukkot – Feast of Tabernacles

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sukkot (Huts) The Feast of Tabernacles – October 4, 2009

The article that follows is from a rabbi with a firm testimony of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reference to the Shekinah is similar to the Holy Ghost. Reference to Yahushua is ,of course, to Jesus. Click on the link below for his in-depth teachings of Jewish holidays and their importance in LDS scripture.

The Feast of Tabernacles, also called ‘Sukkot’ is the anniversary of the wanderings of Israel in the wilderness after the great Exodus. It is a week long event wherein the first day is a High Holy Day of rest and no labor. After the seventh day of Sukkot, the next day is called Shemini Atzeret, which is also referred to as ‘the eighth day’. This is also a High Holy Day of rest and no labor…

Sukkot is a festival of ingathering during the latter day harvest, also referred to as the Fall harvest. We dwell in temporary shelters to typify our reliance as spiritual temples, upon Messiah alone in this life. We rejoice in the spiritual harvest of souls brought to our Heavenly Father by the work of Messiah Yahushua. The Joseph Smith Translation speaks of the future temple at the millennial harvest:

…for there shall be my tabernacle,

And it shall be called Zion; a New Jerusalem…

And there shall be my abode…

For the space of a thousand years shall the earth rest.

[JST Gen. 7:69-72/Moses 7:62-64]

The Joseph Smith Translation reminds us that our dwelling will be with Messiah once again and His Shekinah will fill His Tabernacle when He dwells with us. American Indians kept the Festival of Sukkot. The Yuchi tribe kept an eight day festival on the full moon and lived in temporary booths. They also formed processions with foliated branches were shaken.

Additionally, the pilgrims from Europe kept the festival of Sukkot as a remembrance to give thanks for when they entered into the new land. They were leaving pagan observances such as Christmas and desired to keep the prescription of observance in the Torah:

Leviticus 23:39 Also in the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto the LORD seven days: on the first day shall be a sabbath, and on the eighth day shall be a sabbath.

When the Native American Indian and Pilgrams were coming together, it was a type of the two houses coming together, the descendants of the Jews from the family of Lehi and the Gentiles from the Northern Tribes and is a prophetic type of the future coming together of Ephraim and Judah.

This is the season of our joy, when we celebrate with the four species and make temporary shelters in our patios or go camping, or visit others sukkots to remember our prophetic picture of the past and our future in the New Jerusalem. The Temple of Solomon was dedicated on the Feast of Tabernacles [I Ki 8:65] and Yahushua called Himself the ‘light of the world’ during the candle lighting ceremony at Sukkot [John 8:12].

May you have a blessed Sukkot season of joy in Yahushua Messiah.

Taken from Zion Heritage International

Posted by Marlena Tanya Muchnick


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