B’nai Shalom, Children of Peace, Org.

Since I am the owner of this blogsite, I want to tell you about my organization, B’nai Shalom. We are a Utah non-profit corporation now in Seattle, our first chapter.  We seek membership from all over Washington.

B’nai Shalom was started in 1967 by Jewish converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who desired to occasionally enjoy the music, dance, culture, food and genealogy specific to Judaism.

B’nai Shalom is a valuable resource for Jewish converts who seek to bridge the differences between religions and cultures through semi-annual gatherings of membership to participate in events particular to Jewish and Mormon ideals.

If you are interested, please click on http://www.mormonsandjews.org.

Read the website and sign up!

B’nai Shalom gatherings feature ethnic Jewish/Yiddish food and dance as well as speakers which have included LDS Church personalities, scholars and authorities on subjects of interest to both Jewish and Mormon members.

There are generally three phases of the evening, as follows:

  1. Noshing! A pot luck dinner of Ashkenazic and Sephardic dishes. Great food, great visiting with new and old friends.
  2. An interesting keynote speech/fireside, on a subject relevant to Jewish-Mormon culture or religion. Informative and inspiring speakers are sought after.
  3. Dessert and entertainment, which often includes instruction on Hebrew dances.

Seattle chapter gathering is on the 4th Thursdays of April and October at the Mercer Island LDS building: 4001 Island Crest Way, in Mercer Island. 

The Salt Lake group gathering is  on the Thursdays just before General Conference at the same time at the Salt Lake Stake Center. No dues, bring a potluck for two or more. Come and enjoy. http://www.mormonsandjews.org for more info.

Marlena Tanya Muchnick-Baker


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