Celebrate Chanukah – Friday, Dec. 11-19th

On Friday evening, at moonrise, light the first candle on your menorah: See the Menorah Wizard and learn how to light the darkness:

Mattiyahu, a Jewish priest, his sons and brothers determined to remain loyal to their covenants. He and others formed a legion and made war on the pagans. The leader became Judah the Maccabee. (an acronym meaning: Who is like you, O God). They eventually defeated the Syrians, who eventually razed the Temple and defiled it. The Maccabbes, on 25 Kislev, 3622, (this year 12/12) cleansed the temple and rededicated it with a small cruse of olive oil bearing the seal of the High Priest Yochanan. Since the golden menorah had been stolen, another of cheaper metal was made. It was enough for one day but lasted for eight days, a miracle. Jewish sages appointed these days for an annual thanksgiving and lighting candles.

 The Chanukah story begins when Israel was part of the Syrian-Greek empire under the dynasty of the Seleucids (3538-3574 bc). King Antiochus III annexed Israel. He was favorable to the Jews until he was beaten by the Romans and forced to pay heavy taxes. He burdened the peoples of his empire with the making of gold. His son increased the burdens and demanded the Jews worship the various idols of the Hellenists. They heard of the wealth in the Temple treasury, used for altar sacrifices and came to rob. A later king, Antiochus, attempted to suppress Jewish law and replaced the Jewish high priest with a Hellenist. When Romans interfered with the king’s war against Egypt, the Jews became the victims. All Jewish worship was suspended. Pagan god worship was forced upon them. Many became martyrs.


From . Study Chanukah basics and the eight days of celebration at this excellent website.

The Menorah  



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